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There’s a big problem with payroll.

It’s a pain in the ass, nobody understands it, and no matter how much you do it, or how carefully you do it, you always get hit with a fine or a penalty because you didn’t do something right.

Because of this, people revert to paying people off the books.  The problem with this is that when they turn into former employees, they can very quickly turn you in and you can get hammered pretty quickly.

If you ever want to take your business to a point that someone else can see value in it, you have to play the game at some point in the process.

With a client I’ve worked for, I came to realize that the whole process was intimidating to him.  So I told him, Listen, you tell me who you’re paying, what hours they worked, and I’ll give you all of the deductions.  I’ll tell you how much to write the check, I’ll make a stub which you’ll give them with the check and you’ll be in complete compliance.

But the problem is that we still have the same old issue, he was afraid of what it was going to cost him.  So in order to help him along the way, I told him that I would do his payroll for the entire year for $150 a quarter or $600 a year.

Therefore, I offer to all clients:



 Payroll for five or fewer employees starting at $600 a year!



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