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about us

The Part-Time CFO, Inc. is a Business Management Consulting firm specializing in showing smaller companies how to leverage the information provided by the accounting function to strategic advantage.  We provide part-time chief financial officer services for those companies who have recognized tangible success, but do not yet have the volume or the resources to justify a full time Chief Financial Officer.  Additionally, we help companies to organize their accounting departments to optimize both processing and reporting efficiency.

We aim to serve companies that reach the point in their growth where the addition of qualified accounting and financial support is required to enhance the financial control and informational needs of the business.  While the need is real, such companies typically lack the volume or the resources to support a full-time Chief Financial Officer.  As a result, they function without any accounting guidance; with under-qualified personnel who make it a full time job; or with qualified personnel who are kept busy by pursuing lower level tasks.

The Part-Time CFO’s approach is to provide the accounting and financial expertise such companies need on an “as needed” basis.  When required, we can organize and compliment an accounting department to make financial information readily available to management.  The time spent providing this information is minimized through the advantages of efficient department organization coupled with our consultants’ ability to do the job. 

The advantages are threefold:

1)  The client benefits from a wider depth of financial and accounting experience then would normally be available to a smaller company;

2)  The client saves from the elimination of the salary associated with a permanent accounting professional;

3)  Mobility and flexibility allow for immediate service when you need it.

The goal is not to limit our contribution to accounting, but to eliminate those circumstances where higher-level personnel perform lower level tasks because of under-utilization.  At times, the experience of our consultants can be an effective compliment to your management team.  Depending of the demands of our client, The Part-Time CFO, Inc. is there to serve those needs.


The Part-Time CFO, Inc.

12625 Frederick Street, Suite I5-300

Moreno Valley CA 92553

(951) 653-5053

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